How To Spray Silk Flower Paint

Silk Flower Spray hit the market with varieties of colors. Particularly there are few silk flower colors which you cannot find at florist shops. You can use silk flower paint to match your wedding dress or your theme. You can just do silk spray on the outer borders of a silk blossoms. You can flower spray easily by purchasing the paint at craft stores and silk flower suppliers.

To do silk flower all you need is silk flowers, flower spray paint and foam

  • First disassemble the center part of the silk flower which has a salient plastic area like as a daisy. But in some flowers like roses you can silk spray without any removing any parts.

  • Then attach the silk flower stem into a piece of foam or if you can just hold the flower stem firmly to do silk spray.

  • Then simply shake the can with flower spray paint and press the button tardily to emit a speedy burst of the silk paint.

  • Gently do flower spray on the edges or completely on the flower petals as you want.

  • Continue to silk flower and gently coat the flower fully. After finishing just dry the silk flowers thoroughly before using them for decoration.

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