How To Store The Silk Flowers In Plastic Bags

Silk flowers can look fabulously naturalistic and, with proper silk storage, you can keep their beauty for many years. There are many ways for silk flower; one of them is flower storage in plastic bins. To maintain the shape and freshness of silk flower just use effective silk storage method.

  • To make silk flower in plastic bins you need plastic bins, tissue paper, plastic bags and labels

  • Collect your silk flowers first and classify them as longest, shortest and heaviest flowers. Just place lightly crumpled tissue paper on the plastic bins. Then place the longest and heaviest silk flowers in first to make your flower storage perfectly.

  • Next place shorter stems, medium-weight silk flowers and more stalwart pieces. Don't overlap any bunches of silk flowers while making silk flower in plastic bins.

  • Insert a single layer of tissue for every layer of silk flowers. Now add the shortest, weakest and frailest silk flowers on top, so that you can do your flower storage process in better way.

  • Place one layer of tissue over the top of the silk flowers. Wrap it using the lid.

  • If you use many bins, just label it.

  • And if you want to include greenery in this silk flower process, place in different plastic so that you can use the greenery for many flower arrangements.

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